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Terayia F.

The class was great! You will learn a lot of beneficial information! I now have a job bartending for the first time ever in my life! ABC Bartending School of Charlotte is a great small investment!

Rachel T. 

Such a great class to get into :) Learning was so much fun!!

Vanique B. 

Lizzie is awesome !!!! I enjoyed my time here !!!!!

Peter P.

Fun classes and good group of people to meet. Be ready to study a few drinks for the final test because they have many most don't know about. I would definitely recommend this for anyone, even if you just want to have fun or to start a new career. Also the customer service gets back to you within a timely manner. At times I've only waiting about 3 minutes for a response/text. Thanks again

Shanthi F. 

This program is totally worth it! I learned so much other knowledge, I was unaware of about bartending. Very professional and they work with you until you know the information.  ☕

Jessica M. 


Jess H.

It was a very informative course. Straight to the point. If this is a career you are looking for this is the school for you!!!!

Krisha H. 

Enjoyed my time in this class learned a lot and got the chance to interact with new people all around good time.....!!!

My experience here was great. I learned a lot.

​​Logan D.
It was a wonderful class. I enjoyed every minute of it. Instructor was great

Phoenix F. 
Definitely love it... great instructor!!

Stella B.
I have learned so much! The class was a great investment of my time and money.

Lacie D. 
Super fun class! Great place to learn about bartending. met some great friends to  :)

Vita C. 

I went to the school it was alot of fun im still bartending today

Ginger K. 

Love this school and students..,,

Ryan M. 

I graduated years ago and the classes were great. Learned a lot and teacher was helpful. They helped me get a job back then and also a week ago.

Brandi H.
I love this Bartending School.  And after you passed they help a lot with getting you a job. I am very pleased with them . We learned alot in class. This was a great experience and Great school. great teacher!😀 

Joshua B. 

Fun and easy way to retrieve your Bartending Certificate/License. Very enjoyable!!

Chandler T.

Really cool atmosphere, just like a real bar had a blast with all my class mates. Already doing private parties

Amanda R. 

Open minded and nice people. Learned it with grace and ease. Good luck everyone. Great place .